Team Owner and rider Brett Donahue grew up in the motorcycle Powersports industry, started riding motorcycles before the age of 10. Always wanted to be around ‘the shop’ Delano Sports Center, sometimes helping, but most often riding bikes riding snowmobiles. In their early teenage years, Brett was exposed to the sport of Motorcycle Roadracing. At that time, it was a growing sport including what was the beginnings of ‘Super bikes’ that looked a lot like bikes we had on the showroom floor. The fascination never left. Dad “Butch” Donahue was a flat track fan so that is where racing began for Brett at the age of 14 on a Bultaco 250 Pursang. Eventually graduating 500cc Rotax, in a Knight frame, racing in the DTRA and quite a few AMA district flat track races in Wisconsin and Illinois. Brett, however, never had the real passion to race Flat Track, and when at Vocational school some classmates and instructors from a neighboring class brought the Central Roadracing Association to light for him. That was it, he Attended a new racer school, prepped the 1981 Kawasaki GPz550 he had as a street bike. The hook was officially ‘set. Since then, Roadracing has been and continues to be the #1 passion. Finding some success along the way despite less than awesome life choices. Number 2 overall novice with the CRA in 1989 riding a new FZR600. Then the introduction of the H-D 883 Sportster spec class. Snagged a podium finish at the AMA nationals at the home track Brainerd International Raceway. Helped organize a dealer-sponsored payout for the 883 Sportster class. Over the years A couple of class championships and a couple of top ten club championships. Race experience at Daytona, Road America, Heartland Park, MAM, and most recently a 7th place finish in Twins Cup at Road America. Now we’re pursuing the dream of doing a complete ‘national series’ and running the Twins Cup class at all of the 2022 Moto America events. Hope you will come along for the ride! Follow us on social media!

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Why 10.

Back when I was a kid, I always struggled with finding my favorite number, when I started racing dirt track at 14, I was even more confused about what number to run.  After running for a while and getting an AMA card they assigned me the number 34d, which worked for me.

When I decided to try road racing with the CRA(Central Road racing Association) of course 34 was not available, so as a rookie I picked 340.  In my first year of really racing for points I earned enough to turn expert (I also earned the most improved rider award) So for the following year, I requested the lowest 2 digit number available… I was awarded 10 at that time the CRA only held the single-digit numbers for those that earn points places 1-9.

Looking back over my life, I’ve seen 10 in other places as well, I ran it on a couple of dirt track bikes, or at the ICE races.  If I remember correctly it may have been my number when I played Hockey on the Delano High School team.  Anyway, all this ‘coincidence’ was revealed to me after I was called by and gave my life to God and accepted Jesus as my savior.  I feel that he is calling me to some type of mission in the racing field, not sure when or where that might end up.  It has helped me create TenRacing.   Join us on the journey!